Now that you have been head of your company for several years, are you planning to move away from operations in the next five to ten years and need to make preparations? Is your ambition to free your company from shareholders?

Do you want to strengthen your organisation’s governance or pension fund by appointing an independent board member to represent you?

CEO, Head of HR, member of board of directors

Whatever your project for growth or transformation, Astia SA has skills to contribute:

  • In-depth knowledge of service sector companies (in both the public and private sector) and pension funds in French- and German-speaking Switzerland
  • Experience and expertise in transformational leadership and governance

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Transformational leadership

Transform. Adapt. Restructure. Supporting you to lead changes with the backing of everyone involved. One of Astia SA’s missions is to support you with your company’s growth so that it can stand on its own feet.

Repositioning your business model

After closely studying your company’s data and information and analysing your precise needs, our teams at Astia SA will assess the available resources and determine the steps to follow with you: who does what, and when? The ultimate goal is to keep your business activity going and protect your jobs.


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How can you manage a company, organisation or foundation to help it achieve its objectives in a clear and transparent manner, avoiding obstacles and conflicts of interest? Whether it’s shareholders, members of the board of directors or senior management, or political interest groups… Each and every stakeholder in your organisational structure has a function and role to play.

From decision-making to working as a team

To ensure the optimal performance of your company with good governance, at Astia SA we can support you at all levels:

  • Risk assessment
  • Organisational structures
  • Management
  • Control mechanisms
  • Communication

Continuous Education

As in any field, ongoing training is vital if we are to remain up to date and maintain a high level of skills. To this end, Astia SA recommends the services of the Académie des Administrateurs-trices (ACAD), of which Isabelle Amschwand is a partner and trainer.

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Independent administration

Are you looking for someone who is experienced and available, and not part of any interest group? Someone who can have a voice on your board of directors, advisory board or foundation board and bring real added value? At Astia SA, Isabelle Amschwand also fulfils the role of corporate director.

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